Friday, January 25, 2013

Insta Friday!

The first Insta Friday on the new blog!  (The first one was on Diligent Daddy here.)  AND I just learned how to link something.  Man, it's gonna be a good day.

So Insta Friday is when I show you a lot of the pictures I have put on Instagram over the past week.  It's fun, because I usually have my phone nearby, so I can quickly snap pictures of things that I normally wouldn't (with my DSLR).  So here we go.

Xander always meticulously lines up the good guys and the bad guys in a face-off.  By the end of the battle, they are thrown all over the room, and some are even hanging by the curtains.  (Seriously.)


Paxton has had an ear infection this week and just hasn't been feeling great.  He wants to be held a lot, and if I can, I oblige.  He's a great cuddler.
Xander keeps coloring things for me and wants me to hang them on the wall.  I'm sure it drives Lucas crazy, but I keep them and hang them.  I love so much that he's such a little artist.
Lucas washes dishes every night.  EVERY night.  Even when there are 100 dirty baby bottles and I've been making baby food and everything in the kitchen is dirty.  He's good like that.
I like to play along with Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day challenge.  There is a prompt for each day and you have to represent it in a photo.  This one was "Electric."  It's fun.  Check it out.
Xander asked all day for his sister to play on his bed with him.  He was SO excited when she did it.
Paxton has had his fair share of doctor's appointments lately, but he's always such a good boy.
Piper hanging out.  She sat like this for about a minute, and I thought she may have gotten "stuck."  I went to help lift her up and before I could, she sat up and started laughing.  Crazy girl.
And finally - this is the sleet outside of my house right now.  Yuck. 
You can find me on Instagram - I'm meggeydoodle.  Or just check back here every Friday.  :)  Happy weekend, everyone!

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