Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well Hello

I started a new blog!  I have been posting here and there on my husband's blog, Diligent Daddy, but felt weird about it because it was, well, a Daddy blog.  After talking with a couple of good friends, I decided to start my own.  So then I had to pick a name for it.

Naming things is hard work.  You are picking something based on your own likes at the moment that someone or something else will be stuck with forever.  Obviously naming children is a big deal, but I have a difficult time naming pets or even vehicles.  Yes, I said vehicles.  My last car went without a name for the 4 years I had it because I was unwilling to commit.  And everyone knows an unnamed car is just wrong.  Just wrong.

So when thinking of the name for this blog, I realized that the second-most uttered phrase I speak when telling someone about things I found on the internet is, "On this blog I like. . ." (the first-most is, of course, "I saw this thing on Pinterest. . . ").  Thus, the new blog was named.

I hope to post interesting things like crafts (both wins and fails I'm sure), home improvement projects, book reviews, some posts from my husband, and random things I am thinking about or liking at the moment.  But, let's be honest, there will likely be a bunch of mediocre pictures of my kids taken with my phone.  I'm sure you understand.

In the next little bit, I'm going to try to figure out how to redirect the traffic from the Diligent Daddy blog over here, but I am not a technical wizard.  I don't even know if "redirect" is the correct term.  If only I knew a computer guy. . .

At any rate, thanks for stopping by.  As you can tell from this post and the these-have-nothing-to-do-with-the-topic pictures, this will not be the most professional or even well thought-out blog you've ever visited.  But I hope you'll stick around and help me figure out this blogging thing.  (Please feel free to comment if you can't read the text or you have any suggestions!)  I hope it will be fun.  I hope this becomes a blog you like.


  1. I like this background! What is the vans name? I feel like I should know that one.
    Cute kids :)

    1. The van's name is Clarion, which is synonymous with nemesis (in our household). Clearly I'm still working through my van issues.

  2. How can I find out when you make new posts? I'm obviously behind the times. I also realized I've had my car since 2006, and it doesn't have a name!!!!!???

  3. Never mind about the first question. I had to go to the desktop version. I'm always on my phone or kindle :)