Monday, February 4, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James - part 2

More Xanderisms!  Happy Monday!

(While tasting new crackers):  "These are pretty good."  (chews more)  "These are really good!  We should give one to every person in the whole town!"

(We were making muffins and I told him to pour in the milk, but not to spill.  He said he wasn't sure he could.  I said I thought he could and to go ahead and try.  While pouring. . . )  "Well, here goes nothing!"

Me (to Piper):  Hey, girlfriend!  Let's change your diaper.
Xander:  Why did you call her girlfriend?
Me:  I don't know.  I guess I thought it was funny.
Xander:  That's not funny.  It's weird.

(To Paxton, as he's jumping in the bouncy horse):  "Brother, you're such a funky dancer!  Yeah!"

(Every single night as we put him to bed):  "I love you sixteen hundred thousand hundred three two one million hundred fourteen million thousand.  Plus three."

(Trying a Tootsie Roll for the first time):  "It feels like chocolate quicksand for my teeth. . . I like it!"

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