Monday, February 18, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James - part 3

Xander decided he wanted to write his Mimi and Big Papa notes.  I asked what color he wanted for the words and he said, "The color of love!"

Xander:  "Are you going to give me another Valentine's Day present?"
Me:  "I've already given you your gift."
Xander:  "Yeah, but you can give me something else.  Something of yours that you don't want."
Me:  "Like what?"
Xander:  "Liiiiiiiike - some of your money!"

"Hey God?  Can you turn this house into watermelon?  'Cause it's my favorite fruit.  Thanks."

"In the morning, Daddy is just a big ol' pile of grump!"

(Lucas's favorite so far) "I just passed gas like Mario's fireball power!"

Xander (to me, as I'm picking up dirty clothes off his floor):  "Do you want to play catch?"
Me:  "I --"  (Immediately a line drive nails me in the face.)
Xander:  "You lose!"

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