Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Hearts Day

Monday night I was getting the twins ready for bath and Xander asked which night I was going to Bible study.  (It is usually on Thursday night.)  I told him I wasn't going this week because it was Valentine's Day.  He asked what that meant.  I said, "It's a day when people who are in love take time to be together.  They might go eat dinner or watch a movie or just hang out together."

He asked, "So are you going somewhere with Daddy?"  I said, "No; Daddy will still be in California."

My boy said, "Well, I'll be your Ballentine."

I thought that was pretty sweet.  I gave him a kiss, said okay and smiled at him as I carried Paxton to the bath.  Xander went to his room and shut the door; I assumed he was playing superheroes.  A few minutes later, he came and asked me if he could have some of my "stick things."  After some questioning, this turned out to be pipe cleaners.  I said yes.  Again, I assumed this was a method of tying up Dr. Doom.  After a few more minutes, he asked where he could find "a glass jar for putting things in."  I directed him to a vase under the sink, not really thinking about what he was doing because I was busy juggling wet babies.  A few minutes after that, he came to where I was dressing Piper, said, "Happy Hearts Day!" and gave me this:

My heart was officially melted.

Then today (Wednesday), there was a knock on the door.  I opened it to find a man delivering these (even though we usually don't do anything for Valentine's Day):

So now I have two beautiful bouquets from my two valentines.

I'm feeling pretty blessed today to have two sweet guys in my life (and the twins, of course), and I thought I'd share the love.  Happy Hearts Day to each of you!!!

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