Friday, February 22, 2013

Insta Friday - and a quick Piper update

Happy Friday!  It's time to see (most of) my Instagram photos for the week!  And also - a quick update on Piper's plagiocephaly.

We went to the doctor this week for a check-up.  It had been 4 months since she started wearing the helmet and they originally told us she'd probably have it about 4 months.  But after talking to other parents whose children had the helmets, we knew to expect her to wear it longer.  And she will.  BUT - I get to start taking it off of her when she is sitting up and playing, eating, etc.  Which is most of the time.  We just need to make sure she wears it when she will be putting pressure on her head - like during long car rides or sleeping.  And in 7 weeks, we're done!  Yay!

So there's that.  Now onto the pictures.

This was the last morning before Lucas came home from his trip.  Xander had crawled in bed with me (ready to get up) at 4:30am.  At 6:15 I finally obliged.  Because he turned my light on.
Last Saturday we got big snow!  (Not big in accumulation, but the actual flakes were HUGE!)
More headbands.  I can't help it.
Hanging out the other night I noticed Xander's backward socks.  How is that comfortable?
The other day my Photo A Day prompt was "Something you don't like."  This qualifies.
Don't worry - they were just hungry.  (That's Xander's hand feeding Paxton.)
Look what I did!!!  I was pretty dang proud.  (I didn't do a post about it because my camera's flash ran out of batteries and I only get a few minutes to sew, so I couldn't wait for them to charge.  But I got the tutorial here.  Super easy!)  More projects to come!
Pretty girl heading to her helmet appointment.
While Lucas made business calls on the way to Piper's appointment (a 90-minute drive one-way), I read.  She slept.
Turns out I'm not great at painting a squirmy baby's toenails.
Paxton sat on Xander's bed and laughed and laughed at his big brother.  Adorable.
Then Raja jumped on the bed too.  Pax looks skeptical, but he loved it.

And that catches us up for the week!  Last weekend my grandmother turned 75 and yesterday she got a tattoo to celebrate.  Yes, I'm serious.  It was her first one.  I'm heading over there today to check it out and you better believe I'm bringing my camera!

Tomorrow the babies will have their first professional pictures made by a great local photographer and I'm really excited about it!  You'll see them soon.  :)  What are you guys up to?  Have a great weekend!

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