Friday, February 1, 2013

Insta Friday

Happy Friday!  And happy February!  I'm glad it's February because that means we're closer to Spring.  I generally don't mind winter and I like to enjoy each season, but this winter?  I'm done with this winter.  Flu and ear infections and bronchitis and staying indoors can peace out.  I'm ready for warm weather and going outside to play every day!  Anywho ~ let's have some pictures.

Hi there, pretty.

"The Masked Retriever"
From my Photo A Day challenge - "Sun"
Playing in the tent.  They were happy so I picked up for a couple minutes. . .
. . . and came back to this.  For not being able to crawl, this girl can MOVE!
My boys chowing on a banana.  (Piper's not so crazy about them.)
My husband "didn't want to dirty a bowl."  Classy.

In between ice storms and severe flooding (really), we got a warm day!  We celebrated by breaking out the big-kids-sitting-up double stroller.
We live fairly close to one, and extremely close to another, elementary school and playground.  It rocks.
There's that pretty girl again.
The twins are finally getting the hang of baby food!
All 5 of us.  :)
There you go!  Have a fabulous weekend.  Maybe I'll take another shot at sewing.

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