Friday, February 15, 2013

Insta Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!  We're excited because Daddy (aka my husband) comes home "Sunday"!  (I'm telling the kids it's Sunday because it will be really late Saturday night.)  He's been gone on a work trip all week and Xander, in particular, is missing his evening wrestling buddy.  Actually, I bet Raja - our Boxer and Xander's daytime wrestling buddy - is REALLY wanting Daddy to come home, since she's pulling double duty on the fighting scene.

Did any of that make sense?  I'm tired.

So anyway - here's the week in Instagrams.

Me and the boys (Piper was napping)


I. Love. Cheese Fries.  Even looking at this makes me want them.  And it's not even 10am.
Before Lucas left town, we ran some errands and I got this awesome fabric to make slipcovers for some pillows!  I'll show you the finished product soon.
I spied Xander being sweet when he thought no one was around.
I love Raja's photobomb and Piper's face.  Bless her heart.
My sweet valentine
I am not really a fan of headbands and the like.  But y'all - she's just too cute in them!
My front door.  I really like this door.
Mr. Chubbs got the lid off his crunchies.
When I got pregnant again, I had no idea how much I would LOVE seeing my boy turn into a big brother.  The twins adore him, and he thinks they're pretty neat too.

All righty, that does it for Insta Friday.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  We will be celebrating my niece's 5th birthday, my grandmother's 75th birthday, and waiting for Daddy to come home.  :)


  1. Always cute kids and WHERE did you get those cheese fries? My mouth is watering!

    1. That's a half order at Chili's - no jalapenos. :) AND - we had a gift card, so they were free! The best kind.

  2. Must have been a tough week with no Daddy to help. Love the pictures.mak