Thursday, February 7, 2013

Insta Friday

For some reason, I didn't have as many Instagram pictures this week.  Probably because my baby girl has started hating her seats - exersaucer, high chair, bouncy horse - and prefers to be on the floor.  And this is because she can move around.  I caught her coloring on the floor after leaving her "sitting" while I changed Paxton's diaper.  Yep - I just got even busier.  But I love it.  I'm so excited about them getting bigger and doing more things.

But I digress.  Let's do this.

Paxton trying a sippy cup for the first time.  He just chewed on the spout.

Big kids sitting up and reading.  Or watching cartoons (*cough*Pax*cough*).

I love him.

Xander helped me wrap his cousin's birthday present.  He was very proud.  (And I know my kid is rarely in pants.  I choose my battles.)

More sunny days at the park!  I took a few minutes to swing the other day.  (Do you see Xander running in the background?)

Walking on a nice afternoon.  Love it.

Happy weekending, everyone!  I think next week I'll try to post about a few parenting "tips" I've learned.  Yes, tips from a mom whose son hates wearing pants.  Maybe I'm not the best person to be giving advice, eh?  Stay tuned.

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