Monday, March 25, 2013

2 years ago

It has been 2 years today since we said goodbye to the sweetest dog ever, my Emmy.  I still miss her.

Xander asked me a few weeks ago if Emmy was in Heaven.  I answered him honestly, "I don't know."  He looked sad for a second and then said, "Well what do you think?"  I smiled and said, "I think so, buddy."

And really - I don't know.  I do realize that Emmy never accepted God's gift to us through Jesus.  I know that.  But she wasn't human - not created in God's image.  She wasn't born into sin like we are.  So who knows?  Maybe she's in Heaven chasing a ball right now.  I like to think of her that way, and so does my boy.  I may get to Heaven and find out I was wrong, but by then it won't really matter anyway.  So for now, that's how we'll think of her - happy, running and playing with Jesus and kissing our 2 babies we haven't gotten to meet yet.


  1. My pastor growing up always said that heaven will be full of things that brought us joy and our dogs bring us joy so he likes to believe that they will be there. I'm sure someone could come along and knock that right down with some theology....

    1. Yeah, I sort of grew up with the same thoughts. I don't really think it's necessarily Biblical, but the Bible also doesn't explicitly say they WON'T be there. :)

      Plus, it's just a really hard concept for a 4-year-old, especially when he's already trying to understand that Heaven is real and God is real and that we will live with Him there forever. Let's just say I'm glad he gave me the out by asking what I THOUGHT instead of what I KNEW.