Monday, March 4, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James - part 4

Xander:  Don't call me baby.  I don't cry like a baby.
Me:  You're not a baby, but you're my baby.
Xander:  Well, you can call me that 3 more times, but then call me Alexander.
Me:  Not Xander?
Xander:  No, because Alexander is the name Daddy picked for me and it's my real name.
Me:  But I love the name Xander!
Xander:  I'll tell you what - you can call me Xander one day, then Alexander the next day, then Xander the next day, then Alexander for the rest of my life.  Deal?

(We were both picking up toys in his room and I grabbed a stuffed moose and started to toss it on the bed.)
Xander:  Hey - there's my rabbit!  (Takes it from me and looks at it lovingly)
Me:  I think that's a moose, bud.
Xander:  (Smile immediately turns to disgusted frown) A MOOSE?!?!  (Throws it across the room.)
*Note:  I have no idea where the moose animosity came from.*

One day Paxton wasn't wanting his baby food.  Xander came up to him and said, "You need to eat good food to stay healthy and get big.  So eat the good food Mommy makes you so you can get big and play with me!"

The other day he found a calendar, flipped to the correct month, and pointed at the correct day.  I confirmed that was today, and he started drawing an "X" through the days that had passed.  I asked how he knew how to do that.  His reply:  "Because I just learned it.  I'm a really smart boy, Mom!"

Xander:  When will I die and go to Heaven?
Me:  I don't know, baby.
Xander:  I know why you don't know.
Me:  Why?
Xander:  'Cause you're not God.

Xander wanted to spend the dollar his Mimi gave him on an upgrade to Angry Birds.  I tried several times to talk him out of it; he was certain that's what he wanted.  I said, "Xander, are you sure?  Don't you want to save your money?"  He looked me in the eye and calmly said, "Mommy, I know this is the best thing for me."  Then he lightly held my cheek/jaw with his little hand, smiled, and whispered, "Trust me."  (It was both hilarious and terrifying.)

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! He is the funniest kid. I can just picture that last scenario playing out.

    And I laughed out loud at "moose animosity."