Monday, March 18, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James - part 5

When wanting to "buy" something within an iPhone game (with game "money"):
Me:  I thought you were going to save your money to get the big prize.
Xander:  Well yeah, I was, but now I want to buy somefin.  Don't worry; it's my money.  I got all the money by playing really good.  So I can get what I want.  Daddy won't mind.

(Trying to get the lid off of the almonds)  "Mommy, would you be a dear and help me?"

After a 2-hour drive home from visiting friends:
Xander:  Next time they should come to our house.
Me:  Why?  Didn't you have fun there?
Xander:  Yeah, I did, but it's a really long ride home, and I got very boring, and I had no fresh air!

(While looking at a weather app on my phone) "Oooh, it's going to be moony tonight!"

We were in Boone and drove home on the parkway.  I pulled over to take a picture and Xander yelled, "I see Heaven!  I see where God lives!  It's beautiful!"

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