Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Killed the Easter Bunny

Sort of.

Xander asked me yesterday if the Easter Bunny was "real in this world."  Uh oh.

I said, "Well, what do you think?"  He said, "Just tell me."  So I did.

I told him that the Easter Bunny is not "real in this world," but it's fun to pretend.  He said, "Then who puts stuff in my Easter basket?"  I told him it was me and Daddy.

He asked why.  I said, "Because we love you and it's a fun way to celebrate Easter.  Do you remember what Easter is really about?"  He said, "Something about God?"  I said yes, it is when we are happy because Jesus died, but then came back to life!

He said, "Yeah, I knew that," then continued playing with his superheroes.

I honestly expected some sadness out of my tender-hearted, sentimental boy.  (This is the same kid who quietly cried in his room for 20 minutes because a balloon he was playing with popped and he "loved" it.)  But nope.  Never said another word about it (yet).

I grew up thinking a giant bunny left me presents and candy, and it was fun.  I don't think that it's "wrong" to do the bunny thing.  And he believes in Santa.  But something about the way he asked for the truth. . . I had to give it to him.

So for this year, no Easter Bunny at our house.  Just the 5 of us, and God and Jesus.  And although I thought it might be bittersweet, it's really just sweet.  Just like this kid.

I hope he always searches for the Truth.  And I hope his Daddy and I are able to show it to him.

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