Friday, March 29, 2013

Insta Friday - and a hiatus

I didn't have as many Instagrams this week.  Probably because I quit doing the Photo A Day thing.  But I kind of miss it, so I'll probably start back up for the April list.

My family is leaving this Easter Sunday for the beach!  The weather isn't really going to be super warm, but I don't care because it's the beach!  And we're going with Lucas's brother and his wife and kids, plus we're meeting up with good friends that we haven't seen in way too long for an afternoon.  So I will not post again until next Insta Friday, when I'm sure I will have lots of pictures of sand and smiling kiddos.

But as for this week. . . 

Last Saturday I went somewhere alone.  It was the first time I've been alone since about 4 months ago, when I ran to Walmart for an hour before Christmas (and before that time it was last summer).  It deserved an Instagram.

Typical afternoon at our house.  Playing with pizza.  Wearing Spongebob baskets on our heads.

I know this picture was on this post, but it's cute.  He made these and mailed them to his "girlfriends."

This one can crawl now, but she doesn't realize it, so she's still mostly scooting.

Just playing in Xander's room.  I love it.

Hanging out in the playroom.  They're starting to play with more toys now.  It's fun.

Pax got this hula hoop around him, then couldn't get it off.

And there you go.  I hope everyone has a happy Easter!  See you here next Friday.

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