Friday, March 22, 2013

Insta Friday - a bit late

Sorry for the delay today.  Both of the twins are under the weather, so we went to the doctor's office this morning.  The rest of the day consisted of a LOT of baby holding and not a lot of anything else.  I guess everybody just wants mama when they don't feel well, right?

Anyhoo, here's the Instagrams for this week. 

On our way to visit friends!

They all look so happy, but this was just before 2 meltdowns and the question, "How much longer?" for the 248th time.  (And it's less than a 2.5-hour drive.)
When we got there, we went for a gorgeous walk on the Swamp Rabbit.  (78 degrees!)
Back at their house watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  (The extra cutie in the back is Colton.  He's a sweetheart.)
"Uncle Cliff" was a wrestler and he and Xander always have a match or two when we visit.  Xander loves it.
Xander said, "You can't chew Sir Topham Hatt!  He's the master of the railway!!"
Just hanging out, eating lunch, chatting.  I imagine they'll look about like this in 60 years too.
More battles.  Good guys always win.  Just barely.
He brought me this "sandwich" and said, "There's extra bread in the middle to make it nice and bready." 
Every now and then they look at each other and just squeal and grab each other.  It's dang cute.
Cool to the Max.
Happy squeals
"Your hat looks ridiculous."  "No, YOUR hat looks ridiculous."
And finally, I had to make myself a chart of who needs what meds when.  And this is just for today and tomorrow.  Whew.
I hope you guys had a great week and have a fun weekend lined up.  We will be hanging out around the house mostly, trying to kick these colds.  Oh, and getting the oil changed in the minivan.  Party animals, I tell ya.

See you next week!

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