Friday, March 8, 2013

Insta Friday

Hello all.  It's Friday!  And my 10-day forecast shows 60+-degree weather every day!  You know, I just realized that I talk about the weather almost every Friday.  I'm just jazzed for Spring.  I can't wait to get outside every day.  But I'll try to talk about other things.  Like pictures!  You can find me on Instagram under meggeydoodle.

Our nephew, Caleb, spent the night last Friday.  He and Xander are 4 months apart.  They had an excellent time playing superheroes and arguing like brothers.

He hasn't quite gotten the hang of putting small pieces of food IN his mouth.
Paxton wants to be a big boy. 
I made my first taggie blankie!  Heading out to a new baby girl.
Xander kept saying "He's doing it, Mommy!"  (Note:  That is not a real Game Boy, although I do have one.  That is my old rubber iPhone case that, while extremely rad, did not fit well and had to be replaced.  So now the babies play with it.)
Me and my Piper.  My girl.  My daughter.  (Still getting used to that.)
All the kids at the twins' 9-month appointment
My silly Xander
Finding sunshine to play in
From my Photo A Day prompt:  chair
Fluffy boy + stripes = Roly Poly
Girlfriend's been standing up (holding on).  But sometimes she falls.
And just this morning - Piper got "stuck" under Xander's chair.  But she liked it, and immediately went back and did it again as soon as I freed her.

And that was my week.  Tomorrow we're getting Easter pictures made with my niece (5) and nephew (2).  I wonder if we'll get even one shot of everyone smiling.  Doubt it, but it will be fun!  Have a great weekend!

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