Sunday, April 28, 2013

Big Stuff

So I had a whole other blog post written out and deleted it all.  It just seemed . . . weird.  Or something.  But basically, I was telling you about this book our small group read called My One Word.  Although it seems a bit self-helpy, it's actually really good.  The basic idea is that you prayerfully find a word to focus on throughout the year - something God wants to work on with you or wants to teach you.  My word is "Seek."

And I tell you that, because it's a pretty big part of my next story, which is - we're moving.  I don't know when.  It could be years.  It will all depend on when our house sells.  But we're moving - to Boone, which happens to be my favorite town ever and where I've wanted to be since I can remember wanting to be anywhere.

Lucas and I met at Appalachian State University in Boone and when we got married we lived there in an apartment for almost a year.  When it came time to buy something, we decided to head about 45 minutes down the highway to the area where I grew up, because the housing prices in Boone are ridiculous.  It was a great option, and we are surrounded by my family, which is fantastic.  Still, when we moved to this area, a year into our marriage, we said one day we would move back to Boone (where we both worked and where Lucas still does).

Eight years, three kids, me quitting my job, and a big old house later, we were thinking we might just have to retire to Boone.  You know, in 35 years.

Then last summer, I distinctly remember going up there one day (Lucas's dad and his brother's family still live up there and we like to visit), and thinking, "I have to live up here."  Now, I have thought "I want to live up here" every single time we've gone up that mountain, but this was different.  So I started praying - started to seek what God wanted for us.  And I really felt like God was telling me that we needed to move.

So I do what I do - I looked at houses for sale.  I do this a lot.  (It's actually how we moved into this big house when we weren't even thinking about leaving our first house - but that's another story.)  And I looked and looked and checked new listings multiple times a week.  Nothing we could afford.  At all.  Not to mention, now we need a fairly big house with all these kiddos.  (Not huge, of course, but a 2-bedroom place isn't going to cut it.)

I started to doubt, but I still felt like God was telling me that we were going to be in Boone.  At the start of the year, we started the book and I started seeking God more - in all things.  Big things, little things, every time I started to think about something, I would just talk to God about it.

Around this same time, we got an opportunity to acquire a small lot of land in Boone for a lot cheaper than we ever thought possible.  Instead of jumping on it immediately, I started praying.  Oh, okay. . . and Pinning.  (Have you SEEN the beautiful houses and rooms on Pinterest?)

So, to make this increasingly long story short, Lucas and I both feel like the timing is right.  We have talked to a few builders in the Boone area, and we have found that with the land, we really can afford to build a house (if we can sell the one we're in).  It might be a very basic house, but that's okay.  We're definitely downsizing, and that's more than okay.  I can't wait for that, actually.

Our beautiful home for the past 6 years

The next step is to sell our house, but I know there are projects that need to be done first.  And whenever I would mention putting it on the market, Lucas kind of sighed and didn't want to talk about it.  (To be fair, we need to do a lot of painting and some other small projects, and when I say "we" I mean "he.")  I kept thinking that I'd like to list it right after the babies' birthday party (which will be on June 1).  But I never told him that, because I didn't want to freak him out.  Finally I asked him to pray about timing and think about when we should list.  After several days he said, "I think we should list the first week of June."

Thank you, Lord.

Nothing like when you and your spouse prayerfully come to the same conclusion - that's total confirmation.

So, here we are.  Cleaning, painting, packing up excess, talking to realtors, and looking forward to the next step.  Like I said, it may take a while - even years - before we sell, and we realize that.  The market isn't great for sellers, and we've put quite a bit of work and money into this house (plumbing is expensive!), and we're not willing to lose money on it.  But I know that God has led us this far, and He will continue to do so.  I'm excited to look back on this post in a year or so and see how far we've come.

And of course, I'll keep you updated on all things housing-related.  Because I really do love it.

One last thing - sorry for the lack of pictures.  I'll make up for it later.

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