Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James - part 6

"Hey, let's watch somefin on the TV.  I know somefin we haven't watched in years and years and years.  Spongebob!"

Sitting down to watch Pocahontas for the first time:  "I think there's going to be werewolves in this show!"

After I beat a level on Plants vs. Zombies for him:  "You're awesome, woman!"

I asked him if he wanted to talk to God while we were watching stars.  He said, "What do you talk about?"  I said I was asking God to help me be a good mommy and to give Daddy a good day at work tomorrow, etc.  He said, "Dear God, thank you so much for letting our babies live.  Amen."

(In a cowboy costume) "Hey, at 3:00 there's going to be a show at the museum with free snacks!"
Me:  "Oh, cool!"
Cowboy:  "Yep.  And they'll have anything:  ice cream, pretzels, lasagna. . . anything!"
Then he just sauntered away.

Xander:  "What are those ping pong balls called?"
Me:  "Ping pong balls?"
Xander:  "Yeah, ping pong balls."
Me:  "I think they're called ping pong balls."
Xander:  "Yeah, that's it!"


  1. I had no idea his name wasn't Xander! mak

    1. That's funny! It was Lucas's doing. I liked "Zander" just because it's easier (but was fine with the "X" too). But Lucas said we needed to name him Alexander, "in case he wants to be normal when he grows up." haha