Friday, April 5, 2013

Insta Friday - Easter and beach

Happy Friday everyone!  My family is back from our beach trip.  We went with Lucas's brother and his wife and 2 kids.  It was great to get to spend extended time with them.

The first day we were there the weather was great, so some friends (who were also at the beach) came by and we just hung out on the beach and grilled steaks for dinner.  Perfect day.  The other 2 days were a bit chilly, but we played putt-putt and walked the boardwalk and went to an aquarium and watched movies and had so much fun.

Yesterday we drove home in pouring rain with 2 fussy babies (they cried about half the ride).  The normally-5-hour drive took us 8 hours, and we came home to sleet and snow.  Then the vomiting started.  Yuck.

But everyone seems fine this morning (praying it continues!), and the weather is supposed to be amazing this weekend!  Looking forward to it.

First though, a little laundry and unpacking.  And some pictures. 

Before we left, we played in the yard a little.  Xander showed me this secret path.
Easter egg hunt at Mimi and Big Papa's house (Cousin Riley and Xander in the background).
Paxton upgraded to a big boy car seat!  (So did Piper, the next day.)
We got to the beach!  We had to run out and feel the sand immediately.
The upstairs loft was the kids area - it was awesome!  We did a little movie-watching before bed.
This was the view from my room (where Xander came to snuggle).  Aahhhhh.  Lovely.
The first day started out a bit overcast, but still warm.
It was great weather for gymnastics!  (This is my niece and sister-in-law, lest you think I'm even halfway coordinated enough to attempt this.)
By lunchtime the sun was out.  We picnicked in the yard so we wouldn't get sand in our food.
Then our friends came by (with their cute baby), and we hung out on the beach with snacks.  (I love Piper's belly here.)
I am doing the April Photo A Day by Fat Mum Slim.  This day's prompt was "blue."  I got this.
I didn't even mean to censor the boys with the faucets.  I noticed it when I was posting it to Instagram.  Hilarious.
Walking underneath sharks.  Very cool.
These jellyfish were gorgeous!  I could have watched them for a few hours.
Piper played with Aunt Molly a lot.
A rare moment of happiness on the ride home.

That's it for this week.  Hope you guys have good weather this weekend!  Oh, and the babies turned 10 months old at the beach, so I'll be trying to get their monthly "chair picture" sometime today and I'll post it this weekend.  :)

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