Friday, April 12, 2013

Insta Friday

Happy Friday!  We have had a good week.  Piper started crawling everywhere, pulling up to standing, and no longer has to wear her helmet!  The rest of us weren't quite so productive, but Paxton did start scooting and Xander got in a lot of outdoor playtime, so we're all happy!

Here's some of my Instagrams from the week.  I'm meggeydoodle if you want to find me on there.

For someone who doesn't like adult feet (although I'm not as repulsed by them as my sister), I sure do take a lot of pictures of baby feet.  They're way cuter.

Hello Sunshine.  So glad you could join us.
He makes me happy.
That dimple.
My husband likes to jump out and scare our children.  Paxton likes it too.
He's quite the chef.
Mimi (my mom) really plays when she comes over.
First time sliding!
We brought all 3 to Piper's latest appointment.  (See that nice round head?!)
Xander and his girlfriends
More baby feet.  I can't help it.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

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  1. what a great pic of xander and your mom. that's priceless :)