Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And then there were fevers

Good news - Paxton isn't sick (that's rare).
Bad news - Piper is.

Ugh.  That's how I feel about it.  She was acting sort of fussy on Monday, but didn't have a fever and had no stomach issues or congestion, etc.  At bedtime, though, I took her temperature again and it was high - 103.7.  I gave her Tylenol, put her to bed, texted my good friend who is a nurse, and Googled.  I woke up every few hours and checked her temp and gave her more Tylenol when it was time.  Around 2:00am her temperature got up to 105.  I'm still not sure why I didn't take her to the ER, except that I don't trust our local hospital and I prayed and felt like I needed to wait.

By Tuesday morning her temp was 101 - not bad considering - but I made her a doctor's appointment anyway.  After my grandmother arrived to watch the boys, off we went.  By the time we got there, her temperature was 98.6.  They first checked her ears, throat, chest, stomach, nose, anything else you can check non-invasively.  The doctor said she looked "perfect."  So they drew blood, and we waited on results.  The doctor explained that even if the white cell count is within normal range, if it's a high normal or a low normal, that can help indicate what's wrong.  Her's was dead center normal.  So basically after 2 hours in the office, we ruled out an ear infection, pneumonia, meningitis. . . but didn't get a diagnosis.  She was inconsolable by this point, so I said I didn't want to do any more tests (which were all a shot in the dark since she had no symptoms other than fever), and just took her home.

Playing in the doctor's office, before the crying started

Tuesday night her fever went back up and spiked and fell (with Tylenol) all night.  Wednesday (today) she was still fussy, but the fever stayed relatively low during the day, so I let her sleep most of the day.  If it keeps spiking tonight, though, I may just take her back to the doctor tomorrow.

I have read about roseola and I'm thinking so far those symptoms seem to fit - starts with a high fever which goes away within 2-5 days, then a rash appears.  It's a virus, meaning there's nothing you can do for it, but I just wish I knew if that's what it is.  Because what if that's not it and it's something that's an easy fix and I could be helping her somehow right now?

I hate when any of my kids aren't feeling well, but for some reason my little girl having those sick eyes and being in (what seems like) pain all day is breaking my heart in a whole new way.

Still pretty, even with sick eyes

Have you ever seen/dealt with a high fever with no cause?  I'd love to hear about it.

Advice and prayers are welcome.  :)


  1. Strep will do that. I'm sure your peds office did a rapid strep, but there's a good amount of false positives with that particular test. My drs in Florida would always run a rapid strep test when the kids would come in with no other symptoms but a fever. The first time an unexplained fever to Riley happened I took the rapid strep at its "word," but three or four days later, he got a strange, small rash on his back. Since he was running a fever still, I took him to the ER and was told he had Scarlett Fever. Before that rash, the fever was the only issue...and after that rash and after those other tests were run, I made sure that they did a normal culture for strep too, just to be safe.

    I hope Piper gets better soon.

  2. YES! This happened to us in the winter. Of course my A is much older than your Piper so he was able to tell me that nothing else hurt him. At night though he would get a temp between 100 and 103 but then during the day he was fine. It went on for 4 nights and then it just stopped. Just assuming it was some weirdo virus, my ped friend told me not to worry about it since it was breaking during the day and he was his normal self for the most part, she said if it went on for 5 days to go in. That seemed like an awfully long time to me but maybe that's just the newness of being a mom. It's awful to see your baby sick and not know what it is or how to help them. :(