Friday, May 24, 2013

Insta Friday (and Piper update)

So Piper has been sick.  On Thursday, she woke up feeling slightly better.  Very slightly, but I was still relieved.  She didn't have a fever anymore, and she smiled a little bit here and there.  When she went to bed Thursday night feeling good, I thought we were on the upswing for sure.

So I was surprised when I woke up to screaming at 1:00am today (Friday).  I got up with Piper and, long story short, I went back to bed when she fell asleep again - at 5:00am.  Long night.  So this morning I took her back to the doctor.  She cried.  The whole time.  Long story short again, they still don't have a definite diagnosis (all of the tests were normal again), but they think it is a virus.  A virus that causes high fever, a rash (did I mention that?), and then irritability.  Extreme irritability.  The good news?  It should be over soon.  I sure hope so.

In other news, my birthday was yesterday.  Lucas and I went to eat with our small group friends last night.  And I get to go shopping (without kids) tomorrow!  Pretty good birthday stuff.

Now, onto the pictures.

This was the first time she said, "Mama," after crawling onto my lap.  It was awesome.

I've had this shirt (from Kenya) since I was 8.  It is also awesome (in a different way).
The beginning of the sickness - Monday morning.
I love when Xander helps.  He's so sweet.
First lawnmower ride!
Brushing and swishing before bed
Making "silly face" at the doctor (the first time)
Birthday hugs turned into wrestling
My photo a day prompt (I'm doing a different one now) this day was "hollow."
All week.  I'm praying she's better in the morning.
Paxton looooved pizza day
I just love them.
My boys.
Pitiful girl (at the doctor this morning)
On the way home from the doctor I grabbed Chick-fil-A and pulled over to eat in the car and enjoy the view while the babies slept.

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