Friday, May 10, 2013

Insta Friday

Hello!  And welcome to 2 weeks' worth of Instagram pictures!  We're all doing better around here and looking forward to a gorgeous weekend, celebrating mothers and birthdays!  (We have TONS of May birthdays in our family.)  Without further adieu. . .

I remember playing outside and never wanting to come in.  My sister and I could play outside ALL day.  This one is the same way.  I can't wait until his brother and sister can go out with him.


We saw a BIG train on the way to our cars after lunch with friends.  The boys were entranced.

I noticed this little treasure when I plopped Paxton in the bath.  He was saving it for later, I assume.

Then this happened in the big boy's bath.

Adding to my wall of frames going up the stairs.  I love this.  (Ignore the pencil marks.  I need to erase them.)

You know those cute "What I Wore" posts people do?  This would be mine.  Every day.  (Not complaining.)

The Yo Gabba Gabba trance.  This time, allowing me to eat dinner.

Poor Bubby got the bug the worst.  He was sick for a solid 24 hours.

But he was feeling a little better by the evening

Behind the scenes at the 11-month chair shoot.  Cute, happy babies.

I love how Paxton looks so reflective, just staring out the window.

The Butterfly Festival was a bit chilly this year.  (Love the bubble on the left.)

He loves making her laugh.

He loves making him laugh, too.

I went upstairs to get Paxton up from nap.  She followed as far as she could, and didn't know how I got so high up. 

Speaking of cribs, this was the view from the nursery camera one morning.  They "talk" to each other when they wake up.  So stinking cute.
Bosco.  Sweet old boy.

These two. . . good grief.  I mean, have you ever seen such love?
Babies' second nap = outside time for me and Xander

Piper's a diva.  She sits wherever she wants.  Even if your leg is there.

Playing superheroes.  With pillows.  :)

Happy weekend, everyone.  And have a GREAT Mothers' Day!

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