Friday, May 17, 2013

Insta Friday

I almost forgot about Insta Friday again.  My only excuse is that I don't really keep up with what day of the week it is anymore.  There's not as much of a need to do so for me.  I remembered because Xander just came and told me it's time for our sleepover (when I sleep in his room), and I thought to myself, "That's supposed to be on Friday. . . OH!  Friday!"  So anyway - here's the Instagrams from the week, including today.

Xander handed this to me and I thought it was the sweetest thing. . .

. . . but then I went in his room and found tons of "messed up" copies.  (This is less than half of them.)  I love them all.
Part of my Mothers' Day gift was having a breakfast date with just my firstborn.  We had fun.
This was Xander and my niece's interpretations of "hand stand"
Uh oh.  This is happening.
Lazy bones Bosco.  Our neighbor used to think he was dead like twice a week.  But then she realized - this is just how he relaxes.  23 hours a day.
One of my prompts this week was "back in the day you" - It pains me to realize that my senior year was 14 years ago.  Back in the day.  *sigh*
The upside of these guys getting into everything together is getting to see them get into everything - together.  They crawled into Xander's room together then sat down and started playing together.  So cute.
I blew up the pool for our 90+-degree day this week.  They couldn't wait to get in.  (This is just after they woke up.)
Here they are actually using the pool outside.  Pax liked it better indoors.
Double-fisting crackers
Xander wanted to help me make cookies.  And Piper wanted to help him help me.
Just hanging out
Taken just this afternoon - how big does she look here?  Sheesh.

Okay, that's it, except for one taken on Mothers' Day that I can't seem to find.  I'll figure it out and put it up next week.  

Off to tell stories and giggle in the bunk beds with my boy.  Have a great weekend!

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