Thursday, May 30, 2013

And then there was strep throat

Well this has been another busy week.  I did get to go shopping on Saturday, which was fun (even though my search for perfect shorts proved fruitless.  Seriously, is there something in between hoochie and great-grandma?).  Then Sunday morning Piper woke up feeling great!  It was a fabulous turn-around and I was so happy.  Everyone was all well again!  Monday we went to my parents' house for a cook-out and water fun (for Xander anyway).  That was good stuff.

Piper and cousin Kate at the Memorial Day cook-out

Tuesday my father-in-law came to the house and worked all day on painting and little odds and ends around the house because the realtor came by on Tuesday evening and took pictures for the listing.  On Wednesday morning all of the agents at our real estate company did a walk-through of the house.  Before they came, Xander complained a bit of a sore throat, but he has allergies, so I didn't think much of it.  But after they left, he said he just wanted to rest.  And didn't eat.  And had a temp of 101.5.  Uh oh.  I gave him Tylenol and he fell asleep on the couch.  He ate a little ice cream for dinner (perks of a sore throat, I say), and went to bed, by request, early.

Meanwhile, Paxton had super red watery eyes, runny nose, and a cough and/or sneeze all day Wednesday as well.  Oh, and the husband had to be at work until about midnight.  But at least my house was clean!  (And my mom stopped by after work to help me bathe the babies while I got dinner for us and washed dishes/laundry.  Always helpful.)

This (Thursday) morning Lucas took a tired Xander to the doctor for a strep test.  (Luckily Lucas already had an appointment to get malaria medication because he'll be traveling to Africa in a week or so.  So our doctor said Xander could come with him for the test.)  Positive.  Strep throat.  So - penicillin is on the menu for all 3 kiddos for a while.

Xander got extra stickers at the doctor's office so he could share.

In the middle of all of this, our house is being put on the market some time this week and the twins' first birthday party starts in 48 hours.  I haven't even thought about the party much, so it looks like we'll have chips and soda.  (Note:  I am SO glad I hired my friend to make the smash cakes.  We already got them and they are amazing.  Plus, that's one less thing to worry about.)

So that's where I've been all week.

Okay, so I just wrote all of that during the babies' nap.  (Xander was resting too.)  It was a nice 10 minutes.  Then they woke up.  I got Paxton and put him in my room because Xander is on the couch.  Then I went to get Piper and I changed her diaper.  When I was finished and pulling her pink pants back on, we heard a very loud bang followed by Paxton crying.  Hard.  I walked over to find this:

Okay, not that exactly.  First I put her down and picked him up and comforted him until he stopped crying.  Then I put him down and grabbed my camera.  :)  So, bath for both, cleaning for me, and late mid-day bottles meant more tears.  Phew.  Can I go to bed yet?  ;)

New favorite of Pax


Cute shots to remind me I'm not really losing my mind

How are you???  :)


  1. It is good to know I am not the only one who feels like she is loosing her mind sometimes and then a child's smile/laugh just makes it all better!

    1. haha - Definitely not the only one! :)