Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I am listening to:  The twins fight over sippy cups.  They always want the other one, even if they are exactly the same.  And Xander asking me if he can play on my phone.

I am eating:  Nothing, but I should be.  I haven't been eating much lately because they keep me so busy, and when I do - it's junk.  Not good.

I am drinking:  Nothing.  I'm not a big drinker anyway, but especially when little hands try to grab everything near me.  I know, I know. . . dehydration < spills, but I just don't drink much.

I am wearing:  An old Appalachian State shirt and yoga capris.  Per usual.

I am feeling:  Hungry, now that I think about it. . . but good.  Happy.  Content.  Optimistic.

I am wanting:  Food.  This is really turning into a post about me eating, huh?  I also want a maid.  But a free one.

I am needing:  Laundry detergent.  I ran out yesterday and had one more load to do, so I grabbed a little sample pack that I got in the mail a while back.  It smells SO strong and like flowers.  But not nice wildflowers -  more like old-lady-perfume flowers.  I might have to re-wash this load.

I am thinking:  About the house, my recent speeding ticket (oops), my kids, and a family who recently lost their 9-month-old girl

I am enjoying:  Staying home with the kids.  It really took me a while to get to the point where I am really liking it instead of just surviving it, but I am now.  It's very tiring and often frustrating, but worth it.  They're a lot of fun.

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