Friday, June 7, 2013

Insta Friday

We had a busy week!  Saturday was the babies' first birthday party.  I'll put some pictures on here next week from that.  Sunday we had friends over most of the day.  Monday was the twins' actual birthday.  Tuesday we took Xander to see Thomas the Tank Engine at Tweetsie Railroad.  Wednesday we went to Walmart (which is a task in and of itself) and then my sister and her kids came over.  Thursday was rainy and low-key, and now it's Friday and we're getting ready to head to my grandparents' house.  Whew.  Fun stuff, though.  I like this so much better than feeling cooped up indoors during the winter.

I have to get 4 of us dressed, so here are the pictures:

Happiest Hulk ever

Xander had a pretty epic gift in the prize basket.
Treats for party-goers
Cake smashes before
What was left of Piper's cake smash
This was after we took the Thing 1 shirt off (hence the clean torso)
(One of) my college roomie(s), Tiffy, stayed with us Saturday night.  She and Pax are buddies.
These guys followed us around the house and scared us a few times before being confined to the play room.
Happy birthday Paxton and Piper!  Cookies for breakfast!
Xander took this as representation of "colorful"
Tweetsie day!
On the chairlift
Cousin Riley and Piper
Hanging out in their new chairs
The best way to pick a toy is to dump them all out, then choose.  Obviously.
From this morning - they're fun.

Happy weekend everyone!  We will be hanging out with friends and packing up Lucas.  He goes to Africa for a week on Monday!! 

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