Friday, June 21, 2013

Insta Friday

I'm here!  I have a few things to blog about, but I just haven't this week.  No excuse really, except I'm tired at the end of the day and I'd rather do other things besides get on the computer.  Like organize pictures (real, printed ones).  Or eat chips.  Or hang out with the Winchester boys.  You know - important stuff.  But maybe I'll blog a little more next week.

In other news - my husband is home from Africa.  It was a good trip and he got to see lots of fun animals.  And work a little too.  We are glad he's home.  I wish I would have taken a video of the reception he got from the kids when he walked in the door.  All 3 of them were so excited to see him.  It was sweet.

But anyhoo - here are the Instagrams from this week, including a few videos, because Instagram got video and we had to try it out:

Eating grass is the best!
Daddy was in Africa for Fathers' Day, so we let him see part of his present.
WhilST organizing pictures, I came across these of my husband and me.  I see Piper's nose and mouth on me, and the rest of my kids' is all Lucas.
Trying to convince me that he needs to get up at 1:00 am.  For no reason.

The twins' journals for this year!  Love them!
Raja is seriously one of the best dogs ever.  Please get a shelter/rescue dog and don't buy through a breeder!  (That was my PSA for the week.)  (But for real though.)
He went and put on all blue, then did this and said, "You can't see me!"
After 6 years in this house with no incidents, within a week 2 windows were broken (one due to storm and one due to baseball indoors).  Not too bad, I guess.
Daddy is home!
Gift from Daddy's trip - a cool jersey.
Paxton is forced to sword fight whether he likes it or not.  (He likes it though.)
She loves making this face.
Today during lunch I answered the door and let the window guy in - I walked back into the dining room to find this.  Trouble, y'all.  This one's trouble.

Hope you guys enjoyed all of that.  And I hope you have a great weekend.  We will be meeting Dora at Tweetsie and checking out that belly shirt in person.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one who is amused by the belly shirt.)  See you next week!

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