Monday, June 10, 2013

Thing 1 Thing 2 Party

So I didn't take many pictures of the actual party.  Fail.  But at least I took a few (unlike Lucas's 30th birthday Star Wars party).  They are mostly of the smash cake session, which was all I ever hoped for.  So funny.  But anyway, what I'm saying is - this will be a short post.

I didn't go very far with the theme.  We did an outdoor party, so I just didn't feel the need (or have the energy) for a ton of decorations.  And plates just get thrown away, so why spend money on themed ones, you know?  Basically just the cakes and their shirts had Thing 1/Thing 2 on them.  Oh, and the invitations:

Okay, what's your vote:  hilarious or creepy?  Honestly, I think they're a little of both, but I think the hilarity outweighs the creepiness.  (My husband disagreed.)  Either way, that's what we sent out.

As for the actual party, there was just a bunch of wild boys (and a few slightly-less-wild girls) running around, getting wet, and jumping on the trampoline, while the babies watched in awe.  And the cake smash, of course.  So, here are the pics.  Enjoy.

The big gift - a sand and water table
I barely got the big kids to slow down and eat a cupcake.  Now that's having fun!
The Thing cupcakes!  (I was afraid the red wrappers would get discolored if I baked the cupcakes in them, so I baked them in white ones and then put those in the red.  Big mistake.)
Fantastic smash cakes made by my friend.  They were great!
This was the extent of Paxton's experience
Piper knew what a "smash" cake was all about.
Complete shock.
She devoured it.  It was epic.

Happy happy birthday, Paxton and Piper.  I'll take better pictures next year, my dears.

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