Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James

(Out of the blue) "Welp, we're gonna need some rocket boots if we ever want to go to the desert!"

Me (thinking out loud):  Okay, so I'll need baking soda. . .
Xander:  I want that!  I like soda and I LOOOOVE bacon!

Xander:  Let's just go ahead and get doughnuts for tomorrow.
Me:  What's tomorrow?
Xander:  The day after today!

(His dog, Raja, jumped up on him while they were playing) "Raja!  How dare you?!  I thought we were friends!  I would NEVER do something like that to you!"

Xander:  Mommy, can I put on handsome shorts to go out in the rain?
Me:  Sure.
~walks out of his room wearing navy athletic shorts

(Tilted his head to give me a kiss) "That's a married kiss.  Like when they kiss really hard because they're so excited to be married."

"Mommy, you should wear makeup to be pretty.  And a big bow on your head!  I bet Piper will let you borrow one."

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