Friday, July 5, 2013

Insta Friday

It's July.  That's crazy.  I feel like we're just getting into summer, but really, it's sort of half-way over (not actual summer as far as when the calendar says so, but just how summer feels).  Am I making sense?  It's late.

Let's just get right to the pictures, shall we?

We rarely go out to eat, but a house showing around dinner is the perfect excuse for some chips and dip.
Paxton's getting some hair!
A skyscraper
So this gorgeous garland was gifted to me by a complete stranger.  Amazing, right?  Xander says we can use it in Piper's wedding one day.  :)
I promise that is the result of an M&M cookie.  So, so gross.
I know you can barely tell, but we're all in red, white, and blue.  For our country, and for my pal, Maria.  (You're welcome.)
"Wait - is that ANOTHER baby?"
And now for the adventures of Piper. . .

This time she wiggled out of the straps.
That girl. . . *sigh*  I love her.

I'm heading to bed.  Hope everyone had a great holiday and has a good weekend.

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