Friday, July 12, 2013

Insta Friday

Hello everyone!  (I just typed that "Heloo" the first time and it took me a second to see what was wrong.  And I used to be a copy editor.)

So this was a fun week - I went on a date!  I think it's the second - maybe third - time that my husband and I have gone out since the twins have been born (if you don't count small group - and that's just not the same as a date).  So that was awesome.  And, maybe I just don't eat at restaurants enough, but I had the most awesome chicken dish.  Man, it was good.  So, that pretty much made the whole week amazing.

On the homefront, my little adventure girl is still getting into everything she can.  She can now not only crawl onto her big brother's bed, but also crawl ALL THE WAY UP HIS LADDER to the top bunk.  She's crazy, y'all.  I have to watch her every second.  And I've tightened her high chair until I feel like she can't breathe while eating, yet she still wiggles out.  Whew.  That one. . .

But enough talk.  Here are this week's pics:

Sweet girl in her dress from Africa

Playing on Mommy and Daddy's bed

So proud of making it up to Xander's bed

The menu at "Happy Desserts" - Xander's restaurant.  (That's a popsicle, Scooby Snacks, ice cream in bowl or cone on the left, and homestyle potatoes and a hot dog on the right.)


I'll just sit up here and play.

Did she just fall down?  Get stepped on?  Lose a limb?  No.  Paxton touched her.

Look at their sweet arms!
My Pappy and Granny love their great-grandkids.  We try to go see them every week if we can.

Again - so proud with the climbing up

Top bunk!

Stealing brother's food

My days - feeding kids, block houses, doggies, dishes, wrestle matches, Star Wars-shaped sandwiches, couch jumping, and more feeding kids.  Pretty fun. 

I really hope you have a fabulous weekend.  We plan on it.

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