Friday, July 19, 2013

Insta Friday

Happy day everyone!  This has been a day of news for me - some good (new pregnancy!  new baby!), some bad.  But a crazy day indeed.

I'm excited that a friend of mine is having her first baby (a boy!) in the next few days and she wants me to be there!  Such an honor.  I know she's going to do great and I can't wait to meet the little guy.

But first - my niece is spending the night with us tonight (for the first time), we have swim lessons in the morning, then a cook-out in the afternoon, then church and Tweetsie on Sunday.  It should be a fun weekend.

Now here's my week via Instagram:  (I'm meggeydooodle on there if you want to follow.)

Taking a walk in the new double stroller.  Paxton clearly approves.
Aren't babies sweet?  I love it.  Mostly.  ;)
She will crawl up anything.
Robot Wanchilio.  He comes to visit every now and then.
I think this is his favorite spot in the house.
Gymnast in training?
Lounging by the pool.  Living the life.
Following his sister
Those eyes are why she doesn't get in trouble nearly as much as she should.
So I attempted to make a monster based off of Xander's drawing.  I learned some things (like a fat monster will look skinnier after being stuffed), but I'm having fun with it.
He figured out how to make the dogs come to him.
Pax was very concerned for her safety here.
Stuck or planking?  You decide.

That's all, folks.  Now I'm going to play with the twins until their bedtime, then see how long it takes the older cousins to fall asleep.  My sister and I think they'll still be awake at 10:00.  We shall see. . .

Happy weekend!

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