Wednesday, August 14, 2013

9 Years

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately, I've been really busy this week (today is no exception), so I don't have time to figure out this scanner beside of me and scan a bunch of old pictures, even though I'd love to.  (I really should figure out how to use this thing.)

But I didn't want today to pass without me mentioning how special it is.  And I do have just a few (poor quality) wedding shots saved on this computer, so they will have to do.

Happy anniversary, Lucas.  My Tony.  :)

I appreciate all you do in this life we've built.  I'm proud of you for being so hard-working and for helping so much with these crazy kids, even though for a few months you thought that having twins "just wasn't natural."  haha  I'm glad we got through that sleep-deprived state.

I feel in some ways like we were just in college, hanging out with our friends and planning our wedding.  And yet, I look around and see how we've done so much in this last decade.

Here's to many more.

.  .  .

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