Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beach Trip Extravaganza

So, we went to the beach.  I bet you knew that.  Did you know we had 7 kids there, aged 5 and under?  Good times.  But really - it went even better than I expected it to.

Our friend's girls (Macy and Allie), my niece (Kate), and my Piper

We went with my parents (we all stayed in one 3-bedroom condo), and my sister and her family, her good friend and her family, and that good friend's parents (all in another 3-bedroom condo).  Confused?  It's okay.  We were too.  But we had a good time.

Xander and his cousin Kate loved the water.  They smashed the waves a lot.

Then they took snack breaks.

Xander loved the pool, too, and even started jumping in the deep end all by himself!

The babies enjoyed it in different ways.  Piper loved it immediately and would crawl straight for the ocean, laughing when the waves splashed her.

Paxton had to warm up to the beach.  He liked me to hold him a lot, but he also liked when Lucas made him his own little "pools" out of the wet sand.

We buried Xander one time.

Piper was very concerned about where his body went.  Paxton was very concerned about eating puffs.

We took a few bike rides with the kids.  Our friends rented 2 bikes - one with a seat for one kid, and one with a pull-behind car for 2 kids.  Perfect.  Until one of the tires blew.  Lucas did a lot more riding than he bargained for that night, but it was still fun.

And of course, Lucas and I went to see Pentatonix.  If you don't know them, check them out on YouTube.  They are an a capella group, made of just 5 people, and have an awesome sound.  It was a fantastic show.

And you see the guy in the red pants?  Yes, the one wearing a leather jacket and beanie in Myrtle Beach in the middle of summer and totally pulling it off.  That's Avi.  And that night, we had the age-old tale of boy-sees-girl-in-crowd-and-falls-in-love-but-realizes-girl-is-married-and-is-in-fact-celebrating-her-9th-wedding-anniversary-that-very-night.  You know, the classic story you've heard a million times.

But seriously, what a great show.  (And he really did sing to me.  No, really.  Love you, Avi.)

We all had such a fun time at the beach.  I will be honest - I was skeptical about going with so many people.  But I am so glad we did.  Xander is already asking when we can go again.

Until next year, vacation!

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