Friday, August 9, 2013

Insta Friday!

So, I didn't have many Instagrams this week.  (Well, compared to my usual weeks.)  I was just busy.  I had to get a windshield replaced and a fence repair estimated, I went through old baby clothes to take stock of fall items, I kept 2 extra kids - my niece and nephew - a couple of days this week, got a couple of birthday presents for Xander (it's still a month away.  I know, I'm a freak), Lucas had a night meeting one night, and I did lots of cooking/cleaning/laundry.

I DID get to be alone twice this week, though!  Once for a 4-hour-long Defensive Driving course and once for my yearly OB/GYN appointment.  Um....yay?

But anyway - here are the pictures.  (Find me under meggeydoodle on IG.)

The first morning back from the beach - the twins slept until 9:15!  (They usually wake up around 7:00 or 7:15.)

You know, just having a little snack on the trampoline.

Paxton found - and dumped out - the pepper.  We all sneezed for 2 days.

Our cups were ridiculous.  I organized these during one of the twins' naptimes.  A few days later - it still looks like this!

Well hello, Adventure Girl.  Please sit down.  And get off the table.

Chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.  Everyone starts out happy on these mornings.

This is a (late) birthday present to myself.  I wanted a "picture" of us with the house before we sell it.  I love how it turned out.  (Artist can be found here.)

That mouth.  Those eyes.  This kid.  I love him.

This little stinker stayed in her crib for an hour playing, but never napped.  Ah well.  At least she's happy.

There you have it.  This weekend we have family coming in from out of town, so we should have fun with them.  I hope the weather is nice so the boys can run around outside a lot!  (And me too, honestly.)  Have a great weekend.

(Oh, and I made the pictures bigger this week.  Tell me - is this better or worse?  I like pictures, but I think these may be a bit too big.  What do you think?)

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