Sunday, August 4, 2013

Insta Sunday (Beach Week Preview)

I couldn't post this Friday because I was at the beach!  I'll have another post about the beach trip itself - including pictures taken with my "real" cameras - later.  But for now, here are the Instagrams from beach week (and there are many).

The ride there - made it in about 5 1/2 hours with stops.  The kids did great!
As soon as we got there, this one was ready to hit the beach.  I wanted to unpack, but I remember that feeling, so we hit the beach.
Still finding things to climb, of course
Digging holes and playing in the wet sand kept this one happy
Our room was great with these huge windows in the living room overlooking the beach.  The twins did a lot of playing here.
Looking down from our balcony - that's Xander, his cousin Kate, and their friend Macy jumping in the pool
Xander liked the life vest better than the arm swimmies and conquered his fear of the deep end!
He liked to jump in and splash.
Piper prefers swimming nude.
I'm pretty sure Paxton grew some more hair while we were there.
On Tuesday night, Lucas and I left the kids with my parents and went to see Pentatonix as an early anniversary gift to each other.  They were fabulous.
My "wet dolphin" - as he kept calling himself
Mimi brings cool floats to the beach with us
Mimi also likes to throw food so that the seagulls come close
More window playing
Lots of S'mores were consumed.  Mostly by Xander.
We decided to burn off our large Italian dinner one night by going on a bike ride.  It was awesome.  Until one of the wheels on the boys' carrier seat blew out.  Lucas had to ride back with Piper, get the van, load the carrier in the van, and he rode the other bike back while I drove the kids in the van.
While Lucas and Piper went to get the van, me and the boys took selfies.
We also took some walks on the pier and fished a bit.  (Well, my mom did.  And Xander and Kate helped some.)  This day my uncle caught a shark!
All of us.
Last night at the beach = staying up late to go swimming
Heading home.  This one conked out - and woke up - quickly.
Meanwhile, this one found the bag of leftover groceries.  Sneaky.
On the way back we stopped to see friends.  This is Isaac.  He wanted to hold Piper.
And that's the Instagrams for the week!  I will post more beach pictures in the next couple of days.  Have a great Sunday!

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