Saturday, August 31, 2013

Instagram Time

Couldn't call this one Insta Friday.  I was just too tired to put it up last night.  Well, tired. . . lazy. . . whatever.

My husband was out of town all last week on a work trip.  (Note:  He really did have work to do; I am just sarcastic and I thought it was more fun to make a silly post about his trip than a real one.  But he's a hard worker who is always on-call and busts his tail.  Over and out.)  So I didn't have his help like I normally do in the evenings.  And I'm a morning person.  By 3:00, I'm ready to be done.  So by 9:00(ish) when everyone was in bed, I was pretty doggone tired.  So that's my excuse.  And. . .

I have twins.

That's my all-time excuse for everything.  My friends and I laugh about it.  Messy clothes?  I have twins.  Frozen chicken nuggets for dinner?  I have twins.  Half an hour late?  I have twins.  Boom.

But I digress.

Me and my oldest on our date (Walmart and frozen yogurt).  He got to pick both our outfits.

Our friend Waylon came over to be mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba.

Look at that beautiful shirt!  (The girl's pretty cute too.)

Walking!  And proud of it.  Or surprised.  Or both.

Xander drew this the day Lucas left for his trip.  He said, "It's Daddy in his handy Wolf shirt."

At our friend's birthday party - Xander jumped off the diving board!

"Where's Paxton?"

Yay for sunny days without rain!  Breaking out the swim suits for one of the last times this summer, I'm sure.

I think she liked dripping it as much as she liked eating it.

He went to the store with his Mimi and picked this "prize" for me.  He said, "I knew you'd love it because it's your favorite color and it's boo-tiful."

I can just see them as teenagers. . .

My little Linus has grown attached to his blankie.  I kind of love it.

Our friend Waylon came to play several times this week!  This is one of his favorite faces. 

Just coloring.  Didn't know I was taking a picture.  One of my favorites.

And today we met this lovely girl - Madelyn.  She is sister to Xander's girlfriends.

And here is Xander with said girlfriends.  The girls and Xander are just 3 days apart in age!

That last one is another video.  I love how she seems to be scheming with Xander, but then "tells" me what I want to hear.  So cute.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!  Be safe!

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