Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'Round Here

You're welcome for that Counting Crows song in your head.  (I'm serious.  I love them.)

So I thought you might like to see what we've been up to lately.  And, I just got about 4 weeks' worth of pictures off my camera and organized them, so I wanted to post some while I'm at it.

Walking.  I've got 2 little people who want very badly to walk.  So they try.  And try.  And try.  I have been saying this for several weeks - but I know any day now they're just going to take off.  At first it looked like Piper would win the who-will-walk-first race, but then Paxton pulled ahead.  Then Piper.  Then Paxton.  They can both do it if they want to, but I wouldn't consider either of them "walkers" just yet.  We shall see.

 Playing.  We just spend a lot of time hanging out and playing.  Also - notice how my house is always messy.  Always.  I have two one-year-olds and an almost-5-year-old who thinks he's a superhero/ninja.  There is stuff everywhere - toys, cushions, even the crust of bread.  Keeping it real here.

Xander especially likes when I let him play apps on my phone

Going outside.  It feels like it rained nearly every day this summer, so we didn't get outside nearly as much as I thought we would.  But we have some!  And we love it.

Cousins and friends

Our future home site

Our "harvest" this year.  (The tomatoes didn't do so well.)

 Taking selfies.  Really, what's a photo dump without a few selfies?

Acutally, Lucas took this so it's not a true selfie.  Oh well.

This boy is king of selfies.

And lastly - being creepy.

Yep.  Totally creepy.

That's what we've been doing.  :)

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