Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birth Story Haikus

I do realize that I never put up the Instagram pictures from last week.  This weekend was just so busy.  So this week I'll do 2.  And now, instead of sorting through pictures from Xander's birthday, I'm doing birth story haikus.  I saw this on my friend Sheila's blog and thought it was fun because I love haikus.  (Seriously.  Ask my former co-workers.  Me and my pal Christin probably drove them crazy with them.)  So, because I'm a lazy blogger, here are birth story haikus:

Xander ~ September 17, 2008

Labor and Seinfeld
Suddenly finally here
Healthy set of lungs

Paxton and Piper ~ June 3, 2012

Six-plus weeks early
Tiny, healthy boy and girl
Matching dimpled chins

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