Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James

In honor of Xander's first week of preschool, I thought I'd give you a few recent quotes.  Enjoy.

(Waking me out of a deep sleep) 
"Come on, Mommy!  Let's go solve the case of what's for breakfast!"

X:  How long did it take to build this closet (in our room)?
Me:  Um, I think it took him about 2 days.
X:  Two days?!!
Me:  Yeah, I think so.
X:  I bet he was really sleepy when he was finished!

"The sky just told me that tomorrow's gonna be a good day!"

"Last night I stayed awake way too long thinking about how cool it is being a ninja and how awesome it's going to be when I live at Ninja Headquarters.  They have asked me to come several times, you know.  I think I'm al-most ready."

(As I'm feeding the twins)
X:  Those strawberries look DE-licious!
Me:  Would you like some?
X:  No thanks.  Bacon please!

(Today at the dentist I let him play on my phone while I got my teeth cleaned.  The dentist came in and said something to him, but Xander didn't respond.) 
Dentist:  I guess you're concentrating pretty hard, huh?
X:  Yes, and you need to concentrate on leaving me alone.
(Note:  This was rude and not acceptable.  But kind of hilarious.  Luckily, our dentist is super cool and cracked up.  But still - yeah.)

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  1. The dentist, by far and away, was my favorite...it was very Jersey of him. He may fit in well up in these here parts ;)