Friday, September 27, 2013

Insta Friday Insta Friday

I said it twice because it's 2 weeks' worth of Instagram pictures.  Clever, right?  Don't answer that.

The past 2 weeks have been fairly busy, so you'd think I'd have a ton of pictures.  But instead, when I get busy, apparently I forget that I have a phone, because I don't take as many pictures.  (At Xander's party I took 3 pictures with my phone, and maybe 20 with my real camera.  That's crazy for me.)

But enough talk.

This was an extra from the girlfriends' birthday party.  I love the tongue and the feet off the ground.

Seriously, Piper.  Xander has already beaten you to the first stitches in the family, so you can chill out.

Xander's birthday!  Lucas took the day off and they put together some Legos.  Love it.

Heading to Xander's birthday dinner with his Grandy, great-grandparents, and great aunt (his pick).  Love that kid.

The day after the birthday - couldn't finish his cereal because he was so excited about playing with his new Legos.

I love that these two are acting more and more like brothers.  They like to wrestle now, for one thing.  Maybe soon I'll get brave enough to stop spotting them and take a picture of it when it happens.

Xander blew bubbles.  Amazing.  You should have heard the giggles from all 3.

So then this happened - Paxton did this pretty much all day last Thursday.  Sad panda.  Luckily Xander had an appointment with our pediatrician on Friday, so we took Pax too.  Ear infection.  He had about 5 last season.  Ughhh.

I made Lego crayons, bit by bit, for several weeks, to put in treat bags.  I'll admit, it was pretty fun.

I have to wake them up from morning nap to pick Xander up from preschool on time.  I hate it more than they do.

This is Paxton's pile of socks.  And not even all of them.  It's kind of ridiculous.

More treat bag loot.  These guys took longer than I expected, but they're pretty dang cool.

Ninja cousins.  Four months apart.  They had a sleepover after the birthday party and had a blast.

Sneaky girl.  You can just tell she's up to something.

On the way to Boone to take the cousins home (the afternoon after the sleepover).  Clearly the boys did not get enough sleep.

Piper got the hang of the slide quickly.  And by that I mean she would walk up, putting her feet against the sides to steady herself, then plop on her belly and slide down backward.

This is what goes on at the start of "nap time" - very very often.  They're hilarious.

He squealed when he pulled this out of the tub.  I love the face.

Rainy day.  Stuck inside.  Getting bored.  Toy Story 3.  Boom.

Another shot of Piper watching the movie, just because she's so pretty.

And just this afternoon - a fire truck came to the house next door (not for an emergency) and Xander and his next-door neighbor LOVED it.  I love firemen.  Seriously, they are so nice every time we've interacted with them. 

And there you have it - most of the Instagrams for the past 2 weeks.  Have a fantastic weekend!

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