Sunday, September 15, 2013

Instagram Weekend

I've been missing the Friday mark lately with the whole "Insta Friday" thing.  Ah well.  Better late than never?  Here goes:

She now puts her foot through the gate onto the bottom step (as shown), then jumps and grabs the top, trying to pull herself up.  Trouble.

Xander's first day of preschool!  (Piper and Paxton were way too fascinated with the big kids to say goodbye.)

So excited to start "school."

He was yelling/growling while he slam dunked.

That's blood.  I still don't know how it happened.  Trouble.

We're holding this glasses hostage until Cousin Casey comes to play again

Just relaxing and watching a little TV, reading a book, eating some Teddy Grahams

Xander's new journal!  I'll be starting it next week!

All 3 playing nicely.  For about 30 seconds.

Work it Paxton.  Work.  It.

You guys should see him ride this thing.  He seriously slings it back and forth.  So funny.

Ninja moves/fighting.  All the time.

Showing Daddy her tricks (she actually jerks it and moves it around)

Playing peek-a-boo with each other

Mexican food and Sun Drop - a nice treat.  :)

We went to girlfriends' birthday party yesterday.  It was so fun!

Piper had to wear her brother's shirt (she soaked 2 of hers at the party), so she decided to act like him.  Chubby and giving fist-bumps.

This morning Piper went into the playroom, got Muno (from Yo Gabba Gabba), walked out and handed him to me, then pointed to the TV.  I got up and turned it on, then sat back down.  She plopped down in my lap and watched the whole episode.  Smarty pants.

The first video is Piper's new trick.  She loves to bounce and figured out how to do it on her own.  The second one is just a typical evening in our house.  Hope you like them!

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