Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James

(Babies were fussing)
Me:  Sorry bud; they're tired.  I had to wake them up from nap to come get you at school.
Xander:  *gasps*  Why?!
Me:  Well, we had to pick you up.
Xander:  You should have just waited!  I was fine!
Me:  No, honey.  I have to get you on time.  It's okay; it's no big deal.
Xander:  Yes, it is!  They're tired.  Awwwwww. . .
Me:  Well, yeah, but. . .
Xander:  We need to stop talking about this.  It's making me sad.  Now my face wants to cry.

(A couple of firemen came, in their truck, to help our neighbors - not an emergency - and Xander was a bit excited.)
"If this fire truck was a human, I would hug it.  I would kiss it.  I would marry it!"

Me:  You should start thinking about what you may want for Christmas.
Xander:  I already know.
Me:  Not an iPhone.  You need to think of some other things.
Xander:  I know.  I have a list in my head.  Here it goes:  Mario number ten, a cook book, ice skates, Mario number seven, and spy clothes.

"Krispy Kreme is my joy."

(Our blessing before dinner one night, which was chicken and potatoes made at home)
"God, thank You for dinner; thank You for birthday parties; thank You for You; thank You for restaurants, thank You for Old McDonald's; thank You for cheeseburgers; thank You for houses and homes; thank You for playing outside; thank You for rainbows; thank You for everything.  Amen."

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