Friday, October 18, 2013

Insta. . . FRIDAY!

You know, I'm starting this post on a Friday. . . let's see if I get it finished while it's still today.  I have 5.5 more hours of Friday left.  :)

If you're new here - hello.  Also - I like Instagram.  A lot.  And so every Friday(ish), I post all of my Instagram photos from the following week.  (Hint:  get ready for a lot of pictures of my kids.)

And here we go.

This is Thomas.  I was at the hospital when he was born about 2 months ago.  This past weekend he gave me flowers and lots of nice gifts to say "Thanks."  He's a pretty thoughtful guy.  (His parents aren't so bad themselves.)

Oh good grief, Piper. 

You may remember from last week that Piper's got issues with Woody.  Not Paxton.  They're pals.

He dresses himself.  I love, love, love his socks.  And these are his "radical" shoes.

Playing outside as much as possible.  This day Piper learned how to climb all the way up the twisty slide and then slide back down.  A messy and fun adventure.

Speaking of messy . . .

This poor kid forgot how to balance for about 24 hours.  Three bumps in that time.  (They're looking better today.)

Having a Big Papa as a barber makes hair cuts really fun.  (Especially when he gives you gum and soda afterwards.)

The twins had their first visit to the barber shop!  (Not for cuts, just to hang out while Xander went.)  Oh, the hair.  It was all over them.  (Granted, they were on the floor quite a bit.)  Bath happened immediately after getting home.

This week marked one year since Piper got her helmet.  It's funny how it was such a very big deal at the time, and now I barely remember it.  It really worked, though!  She's got a pretty little head. 

Doritos.  Paxton kept saying, "mmmm....." and Piper couldn't get them in her mouth fast enough.

Donkey and Fiona.  (Paxton was Shrek.  No ears, but there HAD to be a Shrek.)

Xander ran in from a Fall Festival tonight and went straight for Raja.  He hugged her and said, "I missed you, girl!"  Then he asked me to take their picture.

He gets into stuff often.  Literally and figuratively, actually.

And taken just a few hours ago - my crazy girl.  Luckily she's not really a night owl.  Both the twins are great sleepers.  ('Cause if you're gonna have twins, you've got to catch a break somewhere, right?)

And it is now 10:27 - about 4 hours since I started.  Not too shabby, really.  And I made it on Friday!  (Don't get used to it.)

Maybe you'll hear from me again this week.  I have a couple of things I want to review for you!  Have a fantabulous weekend.  (Yes, I made that up.  Do it anyway.)

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