Sunday, October 6, 2013

Insta . . . Oh, never mind

Can I even call it Insta Friday anymore?  I know.  I'm the worst.

Before we begin, can I show you a couple of pictures that aren't Instagrams?  They aren't very exciting.  (I really should have been a salesperson.)  But I think they're hilarious and kind of amazing.

So - Piper likes my phone.  Because she likes to talk to Siri.  If you don't know Siri (*cough*Dad*cough*), that is the name of the voice on the iPhone.  You can push a button and a voice is all, "Can I help you?" and you ask it something and it gives you the answer.  Or performs a Google search for you.  So.  Piper likes to talk to Siri.  She has also figured out how to take a picture of whatever is on the screen.  So often I will find pictures like this.

Then today I was pulling pictures off of my phone, and I found this:

So Piper opened Siri and obviously said "Mama," so Siri searched it for her.  How fantastic is that!?  I don't know.  I found it fun.  So anyway, let's start.

Why is it so cute to see babies bang on toys with a wooden hammer?  I don't know, but it is.

So we broke out the old NES.  Yes, from 1987.  Boom.

Paxton loves riding the horsies.  I love that shirt.

Xander's cousin, Riley, is almost 3, and they're becoming buddies.  It's really cute to see Xander realize that Riley's not a baby anymore, and see them play together.

We have (mostly) had really amazing luck with dogs.  I mean, look at this.  Get rescue dogs, people.  They deserve it.

My boys can get lazy.  But it's cute.

Xander has always been partial to Piper.  (If we tell her "NO" sternly, he says, "Please don't be mad at her!  She's just a little girl!")   But lately he and Pax are palling around too.  I love it.

Xander bought a bike with his birthday money.  Then the brakes went out and he bought a different one.  Either way - we've been cranking out some miles on the Greenway.
I love Paxton's face here.

Piper has always liked putting her hand in the running water.  She now puts her face in it, too.  Such a daredevil.

Speaking of daredevil, this is her standing on a ROLLING drawer so she can look out Xander's window.

We are having insanely beautiful weather, so we've gotten outside every single day to take advantage.  Xander was impressed by his rainbow this day. 

I put 2 pictures together to get one of each smiling.  Please disregard the hand without a body.

More Nintendo.  He thinks I'm a rock star when I help him play Mario.  (How do I still remember how to do it?  My hands just automatically know what to do.)

Pretty girl.  I just love her.

Big boy.  Love him too.

Lucas has been refereeing (huh?) some local football games.  The kids were excited when he got back from a few yesterday afternoon.

Xander went to Ghost Train at Tweetsie!  We had a blast.  Until he had a meltdown from lack of sleep.  But he's all caught up now. 

And. . . this was earlier tonight.  We're breezy.

And I am heading to bed.  Love you all - thanks for reading!

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