Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pictures and Words

Blogging.  It's kind of more difficult for me lately.  I don't really know why.  I feel like I have things I could say - we've been really busy lately, so that's good and I could write about a lot.  But at the same time - we've been really busy lately.  So I don't have a lot of spare time, and really, it kind of takes a lot of time, especially to go through the several hundred photos I take weekly (not exaggerating - I've been sitting here for an hour now, getting my pictures uploaded and labeled so I can do my Instagram post.  You know how far I've gotten in an hour?  Three days' worth of pictures done.)

And now the twins are awake from nap.  *sigh*  And, I don't know, I just don't want to spend ALL of my spare moments in front of a computer.  If I'm being honest, I don't want to spend very many moments at all in front of a computer.

Maybe I'll stop feeling this way when it gets colder.  Right now, though, I just want to go outside.  A lot.  So - sorry for lack of posts.  Blame it on my insanely slow laptop or me being lazy or whatever.  Maybe it will pick up soon.

For now, here are the Instagrams from the week.  (Yes, I wrote the above stuff earlier and had to come back and finish.)  I just noticed they are way out of order, but I'm not fooling with it. 

I had a really fun friend week.  Last week you saw an Instagram of me being ridiculous with friends (which is actually just normal and not ridiculous in the least), and here's another.  You're looking at half of my bridal party here, folks.  Friends for 12+ years now (crazy!).

Picnic snack.  We played outside every day but one this week (that day it was rainy).  Gorgeous weather.  I love Fall.

One day this week my husband got a phone call at 2am saying he needed to go into work (he had been sleeping for less than 2 hours).  So he went in, and came home around 10:30am.  He slept for about 90 minutes then had to wake up for a phone meeting.  After that, I figured he'd go back to bed (I would have), but he wanted to go for a walk with us instead.  I love him.

A different day when we went for a walk/ride.  We've gone at least 4 times this week, I think.  I love it!  And Xander loves riding his new bike.  He's getting pretty good at it!

These 2 can't decide if they need 2 naps a day, or just one.  This day they skipped morning nap and were very zombie-like by this time - mindlessly staring/laughing at the TV.  But I just adore Piper's feet and hands here.

This was the third time in one week that I got to see friends!  Two of my friends came over with their boys and we all played.  The one crawling out the door is 5 days older than the twins.  The one getting a puzzle with Paxton is just 6 weeks younger than them!  All the mamas worked together while we were pregnant and now the babes are hanging out.  Pretty fun.

I am not kidding - Piper stared at Woody like this for a solid 3-5 minutes.  It was cracking me up.  She didn't blink.  She didn't move.  She just stared him down.

I still can't believe I drive a minivan.  And that it smells like a mom car.  (You know, like a mix of crayons and food and baby powder - it's hard to describe, but distinct.) 

Another glorious day of playing outside.  I love how Xander and Piper are climbing up the slide and laughing, and Paxton is just waiting on me to come push him in the swing.

And here he is swinging!  This is Paxton's happy place.  He'd do it all day.

This is a portion of my kids' clothes.  I have hoarded boys' stuff since I had Xander, and I'm starting to get a big pile of girls' stuff from my sister.  A lot of my friends have boys and I loan out clothes as each boy grows into a new size.  Here I was trying to find 24 month for Pax, 2T/3T for a friend, and 4T for my nephew.  It's overwhelming, but I love not having to buy a bunch of clothes and being able to help out my friends, too.

One of my college roomies (and one of the gals from the first picture).  I remember boo-hooing when I moved out of our apartment 10 years ago.  If you had told me then that 10 years later she'd be holding my twins (while my oldest was behind her), I certainly wouldn't have believed you.  And I bet she wouldn't have either.

This kid.  I love him.  He's so insanely sweet sometimes.  And he drives me nuts.  He's so insanely stubborn sometimes.  This day he was sweet.  Mostly.

Now I have to go put my oldest to bed and read him a Bible story.  Out of his Action Bible, by the way, and he really likes it!  It's pretty neat.

You guys have a wonderful day, okay?  No, seriously.  Do it.  "How hard is it just to decide to be in a good mood and be in a good mood once in a while?"  (Name that movie.)  Until next time!

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