Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Product Review - belVita Soft Baked

Guess what?  I got another VoxBox from Influenster!  I'm actually kind of surprised I got another one, because I really didn't give everything a shining review last time.  (Remember these?)  But I'm glad!

The first product in the new box that I wanted to try were the belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits.  Now, don't let that name fool you.  They are cookies.  I think that maybe in the UK they call cookies "biscuits" (am I making that up?), but here in the States, they're cookies.  Here's what the package looked like:

As you'll note, I got the Oats and Chocolate version.  They also have Mixed Berry and maybe some others.  The morning after I got the box, I tried the biscuit cookie.

I took a bite before I took a picture; that's why there's a chunk out of the top.  Sorry about that.

Color is weird because of the flash.  It doesn't look as shiny in person.

Anyway, it's really good.  No, really.  Now, I'm an oats-in-my-desserts kind of gal, so I'm sure that helps.  But I even gave bites to all 3 of my children (each of whom has a different level of tolerance for new foods.   Piper is my "Joey" from Friends.  "Custard, good.  Jam, good.  Meat, gooooood."  Xander is my skeptical, look at it, sniff it, look at it again, try a tiny bite kid.  Paxton is in between.).  I don't think any of that was punctuated correctly.

But I digress.

So - all of my kids liked it.  So much so, that I only got to eat about 2/3 of the cookie.  And yet - here is the second reason I really like it - I was fine until lunch!  I usually grab a bowl of cereal, or nothing at all, for breakfast, and by 9:30 or 10:00 I'm starving.  But the day I had this, it got to be lunchtime and I was like, "Huh.  Well would you look at that."  Not hungry yet.

They are very thick and soft.  I don't like crumbly cookies.  They definitely need to be soft.  Like I even bake cookies a few minutes less than I'm supposed to so they'll be doughy soft.  These don't taste like cookie dough, but they are definitely soft.

Bottom line:  I'm a fan.  Very tasty and filling. 


  1. I love these-this is probably my most favorite thing I received from Influenster, besides the bb cream. I am also surprised I still get stuff-I don't always give glowing reviews either. I guess they value honesty too.

    1. I'm on the fence with the BB cream. I usually don't wear makeup of any kind, just moisturizer, so it feels weird to me, and not as. . . well, moisturizing, as my usual stuff. But Lucas says he likes it. I don't know. . .