Tuesday, November 5, 2013

He Gets It

I was just telling my friend about an incident that happened about 4 years ago.  Lucas and I were standing in the kitchen getting dinner together.  Xander toddled in, and I said, "Can you go get your drink?"  I talked to him all the time.  He never did what I said.  He was still a baby; just learning how to walk.  He didn't really know what I was saying.

He walked out of the room and Lucas and I continued to talk and walk things to and from the dining room.  Then Xander toddled back in.  With his cup.

I remember we both stopped and just looked at each other in surprise.  At that exact moment we realized - not only is he hearing us, he's understanding us.  He wasn't a baby anymore.

Xander at 13 months

 Flash forward to a few days ago.  Paxton had been a bit fussy for a few days, and he was walking around whining a bit.  I tried to play with him, but he kept whining.  He walked out of the play room and I stayed and kept playing with Piper.  I heard him walk back in so I turned around.  He was carrying an empty milk jug that he got out of the recycling bin.  He walked over and handed it to me.  I said, "Ohhhhh, did you need some milk?"  He grinned and spun around and started walking toward the kitchen.

Paxton at 16 months

He's not a baby anymore.


  1. It's so crazy how fast it happens! Claire is now using full sentences-ah!! Where does the time go?

    1. No way! Go Claire! Mine still don't even say many words, which surprises me, because Xander said more than they do at this age. Then again, they babble a LOT - so maybe they understand each other and they have less motivation to speak "our" language. haha