Friday, November 8, 2013

Instagrams - and the birth of an actor

Happy Friday evening!  I hope you've had a good week.  Ours has been busy and fun and yet, somewhat uneventful.  It's weird how all of that can go together.  My father-in-law had surgery, I started Christmas shopping, we got free Krispy Kreme thanks to our friend De, and Xander discovered a love for theater.  :)  Among other things.

I don't have many Instagrams for the post this week.  I actually put up a couple more from our family photo shoot last month, but I won't post them here yet.  I may do a post with some of those next week.  Or I may need to update the blog header.  Hmmmmm - we'll see.

Until then - here's the other Instagrams from the week:

Paxton is such a little dude.  I love him.

This is our street.  I just like it.  I'm ready to move, but I'll miss it.

I think Piper just figured out that the baby in the mirror is not Paxton.

Wrestling.  All the time.

Xander's first play, at his preschool.  He was Max's dog in "Where The Wild Things Are" and his part was running across the stage whimpering after Max kicked him.  When it was over, he said, "That was so much easier than I thought!  Guess I'm a good actor."

Attack big brother!!
There was actually one more Instagram picture, of each of them eating their Krispy Kreme donut, but it didn't save because I didn't add a filter.  So instead, I'll show you the actual pictures of each of them.  Because who doesn't like seeing kids eating donuts?

That about does it.  I realized tonight that we only have one free weekend from now until the new year.  That's crazy.  Maybe I'll take a few more pictures during all that fun and tell you guys about it.  But I make no promises.

Have a great Fall weekend!

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